...words are flowing..my heart is writing..

Monday, December 9, 2013

My life begins tomorrow..

I am quite determined heading my way to  confirm my schedule tomorrow.

 Comforting myself and reminding me that everything will be fine and that nothing happens without a good reason.

While on my way, I keep reminding myself that God has been with me for the past 29 years why would He leave me for just a day? 

Just a thought of those electrodes coming into my body testing my nerves makes me weaker, but hey! I know I can still smile.

After tomorrow, I know things will change but some facts will always remain...God really loves and trust me. He let me experience all of this to tell the world, how much He loves me.


Saturday, December 7, 2013

I simply live because of you

I simply live to thank you for all you've done
For showing the world, your works not mine.
I simply live to give you all
When time comes that You will call

I simply live to do your will
When all has done and dreams are real
I simply live to love and care
To tell the world that you are there.

I have no reasons of feeling blue
For the world You have given me is true
Beyond compare, Your greatness flew
I simply live because of You..


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Battling Uncertainties

Tears are falling, I really want to ask Him why me? But my heart tells me everything has a reason and that He never let things happen without a good cause.
Everyday, the pain is killing me. Those shots were enough to make me jump from the highest mountain and tell the world..it hurts. But I need to hold on.
Early morning, I'm waking up smiling in front of the mirror while tears continue flowing..thank God for another day.
I can bear it no more, but I still hold on until I am enlightened of His reasons.
You can imagine each day I smile but tears are flowing..my body is aching.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I'll get better soon..

If forcing myself to get well and get back to work after 6 days of rest due to illness is a crime, then I am guilty.
Since, the word "force"has been the introduction, I must say that I did forced everything that results into this sickness.

First, I forced myself to work even late nights though I felt that my body cries for rest.

Second, I forced myself to push everything until my eyes and my brains get satisfied to the results of my visions and objectives.

Third, I forced myself to believe that I am fed up of my work routine and that I hate it anymore when In fact, I am just tired and needs rest for a while.

Lessons learned from forcing?

1. That my thoughts are appreciated by those people who don't knew me well. Thanks for the "get well soons" messages. It makes me feel better.

2. That I love my work very much. 

3. That I almost forgot I am no super human and that illness and sickness will strike at any point in time if I get abusive of my body.

4. That my boyfriend Ross love me so much as well as my mom.

5. That I have the power to create a better place out of disparity.

Life can be understood backward, but should be live forward. I'll get better soon! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

She's weaker now

She never complain
She never asked for anything
She never frown
She wears her winning crown

She had it along the way
She kept it as water sprite fills the air
She turned everything into fairy tale

She wept
She cried
She hide
She ran
She's on you..
She's buying her time
Counting the days, counting all the signs..

She thanks you for reading her mind.


Friday, October 18, 2013

The Pond

From above, I can here the chattering of the crowd. The rhythm from of a European song filled the air, I can sense the warm and cozy environment, the group of friends chatting and telling stories of their entire week is filling the couches.

Silence. I can hear my heart beats faster more that I thought it could've. It's "thugs..thugs" we're exchanged by slow sighs and nevertheless the feeling no one can actually explain.

Sadness, there are sobs, silent sobs.

The pond, it was a man made pond. The couple are standing at the corner, I can hear their laughter, the sound of waters flowing beneath their hearts seems to be a lovely melody that my heart longs to hear.